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Our Story.  Elfen did not one day decide to design an application and then go look for a business problem it can solve.  Our company was created in response to having a successful company in an industry with no suitable software to run the business.  The owner desperately tried for years to find suitable software, while funding upgrades for arguably the “least unsuitable” application on the market.  Purchasing an ERP solution would require extensive customization and the total cost of ownership would result in a poor investment.

Elfen was founded to create an application from scratch, and based on valid must-have and nice-to-have business requirements.  With a group of business and process experts completing the requirements, and experienced and highly motivated database designers, technical architects and developers, the Elfen team is confident and extremely excited to deliver in the near future what we believe is the finest business software on the market, that runs any sales generating business of any kind, size and complexity – with no customization needed – at what we believe is the lowest cost in the industry.

Elfen Software HQ

Our mission is for all our clients to “Make More, Spend Less through disciplined engineering and technology.”

Welcome to the Elfenware community and we look so forward to serving the needs of your business and exceeding your expectations!

We are based in Miami, Florida, and with half of our developers in an outsourced partnership based in Fortaleza, Brazil.  We are currently hiring and welcome candidates for the roles listed in the Careers page of our website. 

Developers discussing a problem to solve
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