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“Make more, spend less through disciplined engineering and technology”

Steve Jobs famously commented that he designed the iPad 30 years before it was released because he had to wait for the technology to catch up to his vision.


At Elfen Software we feel exactly the same, for we now have high speed internet, smart devices, high availability public clouds, continuous integration/deployment tools, and rich and robust database/web application/browser platforms.  In short, everything is primed for truly next generation business applications to be built from scratch.


At Elfen, we have no legacy application dependencies, which is a key differentiator for business software/ERP systems.  Just like many leading companies, we develop “greenfield only” applications.


Our design and go to market specifications are the dream of every CIO:


  • 100% https browser-based SaaS (Software as a Service) application running Microsoft SQL as a Service and Application as a Service (.Net Framework) on the Azure cloud with HA (High Availability) as an option

  • 24/7 secure access for both internal and external users on any device from anywhere there is an internet connection

  • No custom code as every Elfen client has the same version of the code (just like an Android or iPhone device), and all configuration is set up and stored on the database


And on the flip side, all licensing and hosting is subscription based, and at an unbelievable price point, which makes every CEO very happy.


Our flagship application Elfenware has been in development for four years and we are getting very close to releasing our beta version and not much longer for the commercial release of the product.  Please see the development roadmap and innovation tabs on our site’s menu bar for more details.


Elfenware is designed to run any business of any size or complexity in any industry.  Integration (onboarding) is automated and completed online using a browser and can be completed in hours for small businesses or 2-4 weeks for mid to large businesses, and of course with user testing and training environment options.


Please visit the rest of our site to learn more about this paradigm shifting application which will absolutely grow your business and profits – with no material upfront capital investment.


At Elfen, our mission is for all our clients to “Make More, Spend Less through disciplined engineering and technology.”

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